I just wanted to thank you for everything. Talys was set to kindergarten at Gulliver when a client recommended we check out Mandelstam. I remember my first visit to the school when Rod brought a few of the girls from gym class on stage to perform some gymnastics routines. He explained how the school’s focus is on gym and performing arts. He talked about the experience the children would receive with the theater program. He made it sound as if it would be one-of-a-kind. It would be a couple years later – precisely during the song Pulling the Princesswhile watching The Princess of Vanihooda– when I realized what an understatement that was. Of course Mouse King and other musicals that came before it showed me what an incredible theater program you have, but it was something about that moment with the girls suspended in the sky and the little girls twirling the long ribbons and the music (it’s always the music) where I found myself in awe of just how lucky Talys was to have that experience – the experience not only of being on stage in so many wonderful productions, but with all the material being original, amazing and unavailable anywhere else. Jim and Deen are astonishingly talented. And seemingly tireless. I would continue to be brought to teats several times by their respective abilities to create Broadway-caliber songs and get the little ones to pull off their roles and complex choreography with such professionalism. Talys absolutely had the time of her life and I know she learned as much on stage as she did in the classroom; to have Talys matriculate to Ransom Everglades is all I could have asked for from the school’s academic program.

All of the teachers and coaches were wonderful. Their genuine concern for the students and the small size of the school made it feel as though we were part of a family. And I must take this opportunity to acknowledge two people in particular who contribute immeasurably to school’s success. Maggie and Senora Maury. Hold on to these two as long as you can. They are diamonds.

I will continue to be an ambassador to TMS and I know the school, and especially that stage, will always hold a special place in Talys’ heart. So please accept my overwhelming gratitude for providing my daughter with the most magnificent elementary school experience I could have imagined for her. You truly delivered the magic.

Joseph A. Porrello

To the community and faculty of The Mandelstam School:

The Mandelstam School’s generous grant for our international tour of Electra proved to be a vital financial gain that allowed our Harvard student production to exceed all expectations of quality and professionalism. The majority of the grant contributed to our travel budget, which was more than necessary since the tour stopped in Istanbul, London, and Berlin. Without the generous grant from TMS, we would have been unable to afford proper transportation.

On the first leg of our tour, we relied on our native Turkish-speaking actors to translate for our lighting and sound designers and Kadköy Boa Sahne’s resident staff in order to put on the highest quality production. The executive team decided that a vital scene in which Electra explains, effectively, the whole plot of the show to her sister, would be performed in Turkish. This allowed even the non-English speaking audience members to become even more immersed in the production. 

On the second leg of our tour in the Etcetera Theatre, TMS will be pleased to learn that the production was given a 5-star review by London’s Pub Theatre magazine, and was nominated for the magazine’s Standing Ovation award! A small portion of the grant was dedicated to purchasing hardware such that our set could be constructed prior to each performance and deconstructed immediately afterwards, as there were other performances immediately after ours every night.

Finally, in Berlin, we used another portion of TMS’s grant hired a locally famous actor to substitute for another actor who was unable to attend. This drew the attention of hundreds, and all three of our final performances at English Theatre Berlin were completely sold out. 

Overall, the tour was a resounding success, and we sincerely thank you for your contribution towards making it possible.


Lily Grob ’22 and Ben Rosenthal ’22

Electra Producers

Harvard students thank TMS

Education is the hope for our future, and this school is committed to it. The School provides a high level of academics, excellence in arts, music and theater, along with an extraordinary physical education program in the form of gymnastics. Its educational core is centered on the whole child. TMS seeks to cultivate each child’s potential as they are taught in a joyful environment. For my children, this has been a magnificent experience. They love their school!

En la educación está la esperanza del future, y este colegio apuesta por ello. Ofrece un nivel academic muy alto, exquisitez en el terreno artístico, musical y teatral, además de una preparación fisica extraordinaria. Su proyecto educative es integral, centrado en la persona. Sacan de cada niño sus potenciales y se educan felices.

Marta Palao

I think the nurturing environment and teacher to student ratio in The Mandelstam School is extremely beneficial for children who are developing their writing, reading, and math skills. Being able to establish a one on one relationship with teachers and have the opportunity to get whatever help they may need is an amazing quality of this school. My son Tyler has excelled in Gulliver Academy after attending The Mandelstam School. The preparation and encouragement that Mandelstam gives its students allowed Tyler to fit in with the rigorous academic ambiance in Gulliver Academy. The gymnastics program that Tyler took part in is also another aspect of The Mandelstam School that enabled him to become a valued player on the soccer, football, and lacrosse team. The rigorous schedule of the gymnastics program has helped him learn how to manage his time in an effective manner and be able to focus and excel in sports and school. No other school could have prepared him so well to start his next chapter in middle school.

Suzie Cancio

If I could custom-make a school for my daughter, it would be The Mandelstam School. It’s a close-knit, nurturing community that also provides stellar academics, exceptional athletics and arts, state-of-the-art facilities, character development, environmental engagement, responsibility to others, and playfulness. The student body is international. Today, all schools say, ‘We educate the whole child.’ It wasn’t until we visited Mandelstam that we saw what that looks like in action. We’ve watched our daughter blossom here. Every child deserves to be this happy.

L. Brawley

The Mandelstam School is the only elementary school in Miami that addresses the education of the entire child on a daily basis–from the balance provided by the gym program, to the methodical and disciplined approach to academics, to the confidence delivered by a creatively superb performing arts program.  The result is an academically smart, emotionally aware, centered and happy child. A unique place, we loved it from day one, and cannot wait to send our second child to TMS.

Henri & Sheila Ringel

My son has gained enormous confidence at the Mandelstam School through both theatre productions and the gymnastics program offered throughout the school year; these two characteristics make TMS unique from any other school in Miami.

Helena Alzetta