Performing Arts

At The Mandelstam School we believe the third part of our triad, the Performing Arts, completes our curriculum in developing well-rounded, successful students who can look forward to exciting and promising futures. Whether they aspire to continue in the arts after graduation or use the life skills they gain, our Performing Arts classes provide students a solid base from which to grow.

Participation in our program strives to foster a love and appreciation for the arts, which in turn strengthens a student’s self-discipline, perseverance, initiative, and leadership.

Students are exposed to music, drama, and dance with various performance opportunities throughout the year in The Mandelstam School Theater, ballet studio, and gymnasium. With the blend of arts in the curriculum, students gain confidence, learn to think creatively and work collaboratively. In the arts, as well as in the academics, The Mandelstam School community supports our students and challenges them by expecting and producing high standards.