The Mandelstams

Mr. & Mrs. Mandelstam, as well as their three daughters, Allen Sousa, Deon Mandelstam and Deen Camacho are graduates of the University of Miami. Mr. Mandelstam also holds an MBA degree from the Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania, and a law degree from the University of Miami. Allen Sousa graduated first in her class and holds a Masters Degree from Barry University in Occupational Therapy. Her thesis dealt with sensory integration and gymnastics. In addition, she did systematic research on the benefits of gymnastics and childhood development. Deen Camacho graduated cum laude in American Studies with a minor in Theater. Deon Mandelstam earned her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership.

All three daughters have worked at the school since its inception and have considerable experience in the performing arts arena. In Miami City Ballet’s Nutcracracker Production for example, Allen was the original Marie, Deon danced Chinese and Deen danced in the Company’s ensemble. In addition, Deen performed in several Miami City’s Balanchine Productions, and also with England’s Royal Ballet in Swan Lake. While Allen was performing with the Orlando and Nashville Ballet Companies, sister Deon studied glass blowing at Pilchuck in Seattle, at Corning Glass in New York, and at the Penland Institute in North Carolina.