The Mandelstam School Triad:
Academics – Athletics – The Arts

Dear Families,

If you’re looking for an elite and unique elementary school experience in a small, nurturing community, we invite you to learn more about The Mandelstam School.  We offer an unparalleled program in the heart of South Miami where our goal is to educate the whole child through our Triad Philosophy. We prepare students for success at the middle school of their choice and into adulthood while creating beautiful and unforgettable childhood memories.

The academic component of the triad establishes a solid foundation in reading, writing, critical thinking, mathematics, Spanish, coding and even robotics! We teach problem-solving skills, growth mindsets, resilience, perseverance and confidence through an innovative curriculum unlike any other in the area.

The athletic component is comprised of the disciplined sport of gymnastics. Every student participates in gymnastics every day, carried out in a world-class gym by USAG certified coaches, some of which are former Olympians. Children gain flexibility, strength, and coordination, building their core physical strength. They will also develop mental acuity, the ability to overcome fears and accomplish personal goals, all skills that will carry over into any future endeavor.

The Arts are woven into our students’ educational experience. Their days are enriched by art, music, dance and musical theater taught by professional artists passionate about their craft.  All our students have the opportunity to shine on our state-of-the-art stage throughout the year, showcasing their many talents and growing in self-confidence. Our theater shows feature original scripts and musical scores by an award-winning composer/musician, choreography, costuming, professional lighting, sound and sets. The result is a level of excellence not seen among elementary school productions.

So, what happens when students graduate from The Mandelstam School? Experience tells us that they enter the middle school of their choice. TMS alumni attend Miami’s top schools including Gulliver, Ransom Everglades, Palmer Trinity, Miami Country Day, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and South Miami Expressive Arts Magnet School to name a few.

We invite you to call us at 305-662-2736 to schedule a tour of our campus and experience the TMS Triad in action!

To the community and faculty of The Mandelstam School:

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Harvard students thank TMS

If I could custom-make a school for my daughter, it would be The Mandelstam School. It’s a close-knit, nurturing community that also provides stellar academics, exceptional athletics and arts, state-of-the-art facilities, character development, environmental … Read more

L. Brawley

The Mandelstam School is the only elementary school in Miami that addresses the education of the entire child on a daily basis–from the balance provided by the gym program, to the methodical and disciplined approach to academics, to the confidence delivered b… Read more

Henri & Sheila Ringel

I just wanted to thank you for everything. Talys was set to kindergarten at Gulliver when a client recommended we check out Mandelstam. I remember my first visit to the school when Rod brought a few of the girls from gym class on stage to perform some gymnast… Read more

Joseph A. Porrello

Education is the hope for our future, and this school is committed to it. The School provides a high level of academics, excellence in arts, music and theater, along with an extraordinary physical education program in the form of gymnastics. Its educational c… Read more

Marta Palao

I think the nurturing environment and teacher to student ratio in The Mandelstam School is extremely beneficial for children who are developing their writing, reading, and math skills. Being able to establish a one on one relationship with teachers and have t… Read more

Suzie Cancio

My son has gained enormous confidence at the Mandelstam School through both theatre productions and the gymnastics program offered throughout the school year; these two characteristics make TMS unique from any other school in Miami.

Helena Alzetta