Dear Families,

Thank you for visiting The Mandelstam School website. By exploring our site, you only just begin to achieve an understanding of the unique educational experience The Mandelstam School offers.  

The Mandelstam School is based on a dynamic triad of multi-faceted, interrelated programs. It begins with a strong foundation in academics and is complemented by the arts and athletics. Through small classes and individual attention, we provide a program to best meet the needs of each student. Our innovative curriculum prepares students for a future as lifelong learners by establishing a solid foundation in reading, writing, critical thinking, mathematical computation and problem solving.

Additionally, our dynamic athletic, fine arts, and theater programs complete our exceptional academic curriculum, educating the whole child. The pride and confidence our students display is a direct correlation to their accomplishments in the classroom, gymnasium and theater.

I invite you to visit our School in person, as this is the only way to actually feel the welcoming, family community our school imparts. A walk through our campus will show you how our School is a place unlike any other.

Kent Hercules Head of School

Education is the hope for our future, and this school is committed to it. The School provides a high level of academics, excellence in arts, music and theater, along with an extraordinary physical education program in the form of gymnastics. Its educational c…

Marta Palao

I think the nurturing environment and teacher to student ratio in The Mandelstam School is extremely beneficial for children who are developing their writing, reading, and math skills. Being able to establish a one on one relationship with teachers and have t…

Suzie Cancio

If I could custom-make a school for my daughter, it would be The Mandelstam School. It’s a close-knit, nurturing community that also provides stellar academics, exceptional athletics and arts, state-of-the-art facilities, character development, environmental …

L. Brawley

My son has gained enormous confidence at the Mandelstam School through both theatre productions and the gymnastics program offered throughout the school year; these two characteristics make TMS unique from any other school in Miami.

Helena Alzetta

The Mandelstam School is the only elementary school in Miami that addresses the education of the entire child on a daily basis–from the balance provided by the gym program, to the methodical and disciplined approach to academics, to the confidence delivered b…

Henri & Sheila Ringel